Movie Review: The Boss Baby

This family comedy will leave you feeling so many emotions.

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Emily Holmes

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Never wanting to grow up takes on a whole different meaning in this new comedy from Dreamworks. Seven-year-old Tim gets the surprise of a lifetime when a new baby brother unexceptionally comes into his life by taxi one morning. As soon as the new baby comes strolling up to the front door wearing a suit, Tim knows that something is not quite right about this baby. At first, Boss Baby and Tim hardly see eye to eye on anything, until the baby, voiced by Alec Baldwin, works with Tim to get out of his family for good. The Boss Baby is on a top secret mission with other babies from their company to find out why puppies are getting more love than babies are and stop it. 

The plot for the most part was very predictable. The situations that Tim and his new baby brother were put into were very basic spy movie situations with the same basic outcomes, but that added to their charm. Overall, this movie was very entertaining and there is something for everybody. From humorous to heart warming scenes that make you want to melt, this film will help you make sure all of your emotions are working. This film has an unexpected ending that will leave those watching in tears and wanting to call up their siblings to just hear their voices and reminisce about old times. Overall, I give this movie 8.5 out of 10 pacifiers.

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