Varsity Profile: Allison Kane

Going out for track was one of the best decisions that freshman Allison Kane made this year.

Emily Holmes

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Track and field, unlike most sports, is not one that most kids start at a young age. Freshman Allison Kane has been running track since sixth grade and loves every second of it.

“I started taking it seriously in sixth grade,” Kane said. “I loved the feeling you would get after you finished a race. It feels like you’re on top of the world. It gives you a sense of confidence and strength.”

Unlike some runners, Kane does not run to break school records. She runs to stay in shape and stay active while also getting that team experience. This season, Kane has been fairly successful in the 4×800 meter relay and the 400 at the Varsity level.

“I love the 4×800 because my relay team is amazing, loving and we work hard together,” Kane said.

Fellow teammate freshman Maya Schon is very close to Kane and uses Kane to push her during races.

“She is always yelling at me from the sidelines to go just a little faster and telling me not to be discouraged when I get a time I don’t like,” Schon said. “She is super funny, smart and always pushing herself and others to do their best.”

Although Kane is always there to push her teammates and friends, she uses her brother to push her in athletics and the classroom.

“I strive to be as talented as him, and he always pushes me to my full potential,” Kane said.

Being on Varsity as a freshman is scary, but Kane never gives up and encourages others to do the same, whether it is in track or life in general