Freshman Profile: Logan Delgado

From a young age, freshman Logan Delgado knew that America’s pastime was the sport for him.

Emily Holmes

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Most kids are pushed into trying multiple sports at a young age with the hope of liking at least one of them. For freshman Logan Delgado, this could not be more true. At the age of five, his parents pushed him to try a lot of sports, hoping that he would like one of them enough to stick with it for awhile longer, and that’s exactly what he did; Delgado fell in love with baseball.

“My parents just tried putting me in all sports to find one that I really liked and was good enough at,” Delgado said. “I loved the game of baseball, and it just kind of stuck with me.”

Since finding his love for the game, Delgado played for the Lake Villa Township until he was 11 and then started playing 12u travel baseball for the Lakeside Legends and has been there ever since. Since starting at Lake Villa, Delgado has learned that the game of baseball is just as much mental as it is physical. To the naked eye, the game can be very slow and boring. But to players, it is fast paced game full of excitement.

“I just like the mental part of the game as much as the physical part,” Delgado said. “It just makes you think. Plus you need to be ready and on your toes.”

Throughout Delgado’s baseball career, he has had a lot of people to help guide him on his was to success. Delgado credits his success to all of his coaches, teammates, friends and of course, his parents. Current teammate, freshman Tyler Kuxhouse has known Delgado for many years now and although Delgado has gotten a lot of support from those in his life, he has also impacted those around him.

“Logan is like the coach of the players,” Kuxhouse said. “He always tells me what I am doing wrong and how to fix it. He wants everybody to be as good as they can be.”

For those thinking about picking up baseball, Delgado says to try and understand the mental part of it first and the rest will come. Delgado also hopes to increase his knowledge of the game and possibly play at the collegiate level when his time comes.