Second Annual 5K Run

Gym teachers Jamie Walton and Teri Klobnack host the second annual 5K for the fit for life advanced class.

Emily Holmes

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Emily Holmes

Seniors Miranda Morrow and Elisa Pokorny start off the race full of smiles.

On Wednesday, April 26, the advanced fit for life gym class hopped on a bus at the beginning of second hour and headed to Hastings Lake to participate in the second annual 5K run. The course included running the yellow loop of the trail around the lake which branched off onto another and finally finishing where the class started. The top three finishers were senior Rylie Mercer and juniors Alexandria Knight and Allison Morris. Last year, the 5K race was held at the school instead. Mercer liked this year’s location better than last year.

“I like running at Hastings Lake better because it is a better course and it seemed a lot faster than the older loop,” Mercer said.

This was senior Casey Bala’s first time running the race, and she also enjoyed running at this forest preserve because it is more enjoyable to run with a view of the lake and the trees around.

“I hope that next year they have the race at the same place or a different forest preserve that is similar,” Bala said

Even with the forecast predicting thunderstorms, the weather held out to make this race the best one yet. After the race concluded around 10 A.M., the group got together for snacks, pictures and lots of laughs.