Lakers defeat Kings in second playoff game

On Saturday, Feb. 5, the Lakers varsity hockey team prevented the Kings from scoring in a victory of 4-0.


Meryl Resurreccion

The Lakers have made significant improvement since their first playoff game, and they are determined to keep their winning streak going.

The Lakers varsity hockey team played against the Kings for their second game of the playoffs on Saturday, Feb. 5, with a final score of 4-0. There was a lot of improvement from their first playoff game with faster skating and tougher defense. Two minutes into the second period, a player from Lakes Community High School scored the Lakers’ first goal. Not even two minutes after that, senior Braydon Salata scored the second. 

“I feel like I played my best game of the whole season because I was aggressive,” Salata said.

This was evident in the beginning of the third and final period as Salata had a minor penalty for ruffing, in which he used excessive force to hit his opponent. Salata was not the only one who played a good game for the Lakers.

“I think I did well. I got two assists and did well at setting up plates for our team throughout the game,” senior Gavin Frank said.

It was a great game for the players’ personal accomplishments and the team’s win as a whole.

“I think that my team had a little bit of a rough start in the beginning of the game,” Frank said. “The other team had pressure on us a lot, and then in the third period, I think we all played very well and we were able to capitalize on a lot of chances.” 

The team has been working hard in practices to keep up with their win streak to make it to the championship

“We worked on a lot of hitting and contact drills along with keeping possession in the offensive zone,” Salata said.

As the game went on, the Lakers understood their physical opponents better and how to play around their aggressive hits. 

Senior assistant captain Tyler Cook scored the third goal with seven minutes left in the third period. Then, the final point was scored by Salata with 24 seconds left in the game.

To have a guaranteed spot in the semi-finals, the Lakers will have to win against Lake Park at home on Saturday, Feb. 12, but if they don’t, they will have one more chance to make it to the semi-finals.