Louisiana Experiences Flooding Disaster

Thousands face drastic measures in recent Louisiana flood.



AP: Max Becherer

As many students were busy purchasing back to school essentials on August 11, the nation began to receive word of thousands of people in Baton Rouge, Louisiana who were dealing with a flood that would later be named one of the biggest weather catastrophes of all time.

The coast of Louisiana was affected by an “Inland Tropical Depression”, a combination of low pressure and tropical moisture that led to severe flooding; over 24 inches of rainfall. Although rain and tropical weather is quite common in the south, the news shocked millions nationwide and has became a serious crisis within the southern state.

Amid the rain, 110,000 homes within the area were destroyed, with many unexpectant homeowners having no financial protection. The flooding affected 75% of homes, 50% of those  are left without flood insurance. Search and rescue squads have been implemented to try and help homeowners recover their belongings, revealing how a natural disaster of this size could have an affect on so many Americans nationwide.

Precautions should be taken to try to negate the impact of catastrophic events, whether a flood of this magnitude can be prevented is a different question,” social studies teacher Charlie Trout said.

With the thought of not being able to return home a reality for one out of every three Louisianians, State Governor John Bel Edwards has worked alongside many organizations to ensure that help is on the way for those suffering. Various parishes, Red Cross centers and mission groups have stepped in to provide food, water and shelter to those affected as well, promising a better future for the destroyed lives of thousands of Louisiana citizens.

To help provide medical assistance and supplies to those affected in Louisiana, donate to the American Red Cross by texting LAFLOODS to 90999 ($10 donation).