Massacre in Istanbul Nightclub Turns Disastrous

ISIS claimed responsibility for killing 39 at Turkey’s Reina Nightclub on New Year’s Day.

A young woman cries as she leaves flowers for the victims outside a nightclub which was attacked by a gunman overnight in Istanbul, Turkey on New Years Day.


A young woman cries as she leaves flowers for the victims outside a nightclub which was attacked by a gunman overnight in Istanbul, Turkey on New Year’s Day.

On a night of celebration and remembrance around the world, a massacre occurred in a nightclub, killing 39. Claimed as an alleged ISIS member, the killer was found Wednesday following the attack on Istanbul’s Reina Nightclub.

More than 600 people attended the club in hopes of wrapping up the New Year with a positive vibe when a lone attacker shot a security guard and police officer at the entrance of the club. Seconds after, he barged into the building and began shooting innocent visitors. Junior Karly Monaco thinks that shootings are able to arise anywhere around the world and affect many with its deadly outcomes.

“It’s unacceptable,” Monaco said. “There’s no need for violence, I don’t get it.”

Shots were first heard near the Reina Night Club at around 1:15 a.m. Shortly after, CNN reported the attack as “an act of terrorism.” There are also reports on the attack being the final “declaration of war” from ISIS fighters.

Days after, ISIS boasted about the massacre on twitter, admitting to the attack along with their want to deliver the first major attack of 2017. According to CNN, Deputy Prime Minister Numan Kurtulmus said fingerprints of the suspect have been revealed attacker looks like. Kurtulmus also declared that eight people have been detained, but the suspect has yet to be one of them. After holding eight suspects in custody for completing the attack, Deputy Prime Minister Numan Kurtulmus announced the finalized discovery of the perpetrator. Despite finding the killer, authorities continue to detain 20 members of ISIS that may have connection with Sunday’s attack.

Turkey’s prime minister stated the motive for the attack as launched in response to Operation Euphrates Shield, Turkey’s mission against ISIS. Although the club was a hotspot for Istanbul locals, CNN reports reveal that 27 of the victims were foreigners, coming from 14 countries around the world including India, Morocco, Jordan, Russia, Tunisia, Saudi Arabia and Kuwait.

The massacre in Reina Nightclub follows more than 30 attacks that have taken place in Turkey throughout the previous year. Junior Morgan Bennett believes a path to hope is possible for Turkey.

“They should try to help prepare people if they ever get caught in a similar situation,” Bennett said. “I would also suggest to somehow make the public aware about the shootings and they may receive assistance from other countries to stop the attacks.”

The world remains unsure of the future following ISIS’s deadly massacre on New Year’s Day. However, the terrorist group sought to declare their view on the next year concerning violence and power, instilling concern into the minds of many.