Meeting The Solution

A look into the ACHS athletic trainers.

When a person thinks about the Antioch Community High School athletic program, there are many things that come to mind; the athletes, the coaches and even the fans. But one essential factor to the athletic department that people always seem to forget is the ACHS athletic trainers Bryn Nottoli and Ryan Naes.

Though many people do not notice the athletic trainers, they are at every home sporting event and frequently travel to away events with the Sequoits.

This is my third year at ACHS,” Nottoli said. “We work in conjunction with physicians, coaches, athletes, parents and the community to help facilitate medical care. Our goals include prevention, acute and chronic care as well as a mediator between a physician and whomever is affected.”

Whether it be taping up an injured basketball player, assessing a track injury or helping volleyball players with injury rehab, the athletic trainers are there every day for Sequoit athletes. When worst comes to worst and injuries do occur, they are the first people there to help and keep the athletes calm.

When I am evaluating someone who has been hurt I always try and be honest and confident in what I am doing,” Nottoli said. “In terms of keeping the athlete calm, it really depends on the injury. If the injury has any type of deformity we try and cover it with a towel to help the athlete not see it. If no deformity is present, frequently, I try and stay positive and have confidence that my training tells me the correct way to treat an injury.”

Athletic trainers are the behind-the-scene heroes that are readily available to help an athlete bounce back from any inconveniences along the road. They always wish the best for their athletes, and want them to be healthy. They’re one of ACHS’ number one fans, always there for athletes and cheering them on.