More than a manager

Student managers often go underappreciated in the world of high school sports.


Fiona Serifov

Junior Field hockey student manager Casey Rietschel.

Within sports, there are many individuals behind the scenes who help support the athletes in numerous ways. Whether it is setting up practice or recording stats, these students go out of their way after school to attend practices, games and events to support their athletes.

The majority of sports at Antioch Community High School have the opportunity to be able to have sports managers. However, finding a manager can be the trickiest part. But those who branch out to support their friends and help out benefit both parties.

“I just had a lot of friends on the [field hockey] team,” junior Casey Rietschel said. “Some of them told me I should do it, so I considered it.”

At practice, coaches give the athletes advice and teach the sport, but who takes care of the responsibilities that the coaches can not get around to? That would be left up to the managers. These helpful individuals are there to assist the team in whatever is needed. They are always ready to take on any task that comes their way, to benefit both the athletes and the coaches.

“We film during [football] practices, run errands for the coaches and [supply water on Fridays],” sophomore Allie Dvorak said.

In sports, most of the attention is automatically drawn to the coaches and not as much to the managers who work behind the scenes. It is important that when given the opportunity, to recognize the managers for all the help they provide.

“I feel like I get recognized somewhat,” Rietschel said. “[In general, managers] could definitely get more recognition.”

When looking for a way to get involved without having to play the sport, being a manager gives students an opportunity to do this. In the end, trying new things open new experiences and end up being fun.

“It gives you something to do,” Rietschel said. “Instead of going home [right after school].”

No matter what season, student managers are always ready to be there and support the team no matter what the responsibility is at hand.