Nation’s Coasts Pounded with Winter Weather

The East Coast thaws, the West Coast floods and the Midwest is soon to face arctic air.

Winter weather warnings have been issued across the nation, advising drastic temperature changes from east to west, with the greatest impact facing the West Coast.

Here in the Midwest, CNN reports that the lower Great Lakes and Ohio Valley region could face wind gusts exceeding 50 mph this week. Already causing multiple deaths and accidents, counties have sent out warnings regarding the harsh crosswinds along the interstate.

The National Weather Service reported multiple winter weather advisories across the nation, sending panic across the country. In the east, North Carolina reported a winter weather watch for 75 of the 100 counties, showing how the whole state faces the severe change in weather, with at least 4 deaths reported since the beginning of the week. Winter storm Helena moved up the east coast closing highways and leaving thousands without power. School systems across the east canceled classes on Monday due to the frigid weather.

“I think it’s sad that people in warmer areas don’t have the right tools,” junior Natalie Warnes said. “California should prepare themselves better by making a solid plan.”

In addition, the winter weather has drastically affected transportation; in Boston, Massachusetts, a recorded half foot of snow on Monday caused road closures throughout the state. According to FlightAware, there have been roughly 2,100 flight cancellations due to the unforeseen weather. In Connecticut, a pileup of 20 vehicles shut down Interstate 91 with no serious injuries. Eastern seaboards are also expected to see highs at 10-20 degrees below normal this weekend.

West Coast reports from CNN state that an abundance of snow and and rain will cover much of the western states, with rain expecting to drop 2-6 inches and snow in higher elevations of roughly 3-5 feet. Forecasters also mentioned flooding and mudslides occurring in much of California and Nevada on Tuesday, leaving roughly 55 million citizens under a winter weather watch.

“It’s kind of interesting to think that they are freaking out over snow,” senior Jeneal Lowry said. “There is only a bit of snow, but it makes such a difference.”

Based on new reports from FoxNews, the Midwest is due to embrace severe winds coming off the lake, causing severe damage with gusts at 30-55 mph. Multiple collisions have been reported following the start of the week as the winter weather continues to make its mark on the the country.