Ndaba Mandela Lights Passion Among Sequoits

Selected students headed to Crystal Lake South to hear from the grandson of world renowned leader, Nelson Mandela.

Ndaba Mandela spoke to Sequoits on February 15 to help students understand the character and actions of Nelson Mandela along with the power civilians have to make a change in society.

“The experience was so fun and he was such a nice guy,” junior Nicole Accardo said. “I now have a lot better perspective on what I should do to make a change.”

Mandela has been passionate about spreading awareness to end racially based policies of segregation and the need for a more equal and just society by addressing his grandfather’s work. One of the many topics he highlighted in his speech was about the path to ignite change in every human.

“It is so important to find the passion in your life,” Mandela said. “You will come across obstacles and people who will say you were just dreaming, but guess what? Change starts with a dream.”

Along with other schools around Lake County, the students were given advice on skills such as collaboration, leadership and civil rights in South Africa and the United States.

“I really enjoyed it,” senior Emily Bronswick said. “It was interesting to see new perspectives and how we can make a difference.”

Following the footsteps of his iconic grandfather, Mandela continues the legacy by igniting the message that one person can make a difference.