New Year New Detox

Enter the new year refreshed and hydrated with the newest cleanse.


Clay Vesser

Start your detox with a cool glass of water, and throw in some fresh fruit!

2016 is the year of health and wellness with FitBit’s and gym memberships becoming the rage. One of the most popular New Years resolution of all time is to become healthier, but this goal tends to not last past the first couple weeks of January. A realistic and easy way to cleanse the body after the holidays, without the commitment of working out, is a health detox.

The easiest way to start the new year off clean and refreshed is to drink more water. Yes, H2O is one of the easiest and most accessible health tools, along with being the basis of an easy cleanse. Combine chilled water with your favorite fruits and vegetables (lemons, limes, strawberries, oranges, and cucumbers), let it diffuse over night, then enjoy it throughout the day. By refilling your water bottle and constantly staying hydrated, your body will be flushed of toxins and refreshed. Besides the internal benefits, water will also hydrate and prevent the skin from drying out, especially in the chill winter weather. It is the most natural, and inexpensive, method of cleanse.

Sequoits can use the accessible water bottle stations scattered around the school to fill reusable containers and to prevent waste. Senior Natalie Nielsen constantly carries around water, along with throwing in the occasional fruits and veggies. “Normally, I put lemon in my water and on occasion, cucumber”, Nielsen states, “My health is 10/10, super, duper important to me. We all have one body to live in”.  A new year does not mean a crazy diet, especially when a detox cleanse is all that is needed.

...and outdoors.
…and outdoors.
Perfect to carry indoors...
Perfect to carry indoors…

Photo courtesy, Ashlee Pleszkewycz.