Perfect Eyeliner: How To Achieve It With One Trick

It is now as easy as can be to get flawless eyeliner using an everyday household item.

Ever had trouble getting the perfect winged out eyeliner? With regular Scotch tape, it is easily achieved. Yes, Scotch tape.

This trick was brought around on YouTube, and it actually works. Winged eyeliner can be very difficult to get perfect, in having to get even lengths, thickness and shape. It seems nearly impossible to get the wing perfect on the first try, but now it is.

To get perfect winged eyeliner, take a medium length piece of regular tape and position the tape on the outer corner of the eye. Lay the tape down on its long side. Angle the tape to where it lines up with the arch of the eyebrow. An easier way is to imagine where the bottom line of the wing would go, and place the tape on that imaginary line and lightly pat it down.

Next, all there’s left to do is to put on the eyeliner. Draw the bottom line of the wing against the line of the tape; this will create the sharp line. After that, draw the top line that will connect the two, and fill it in as normal. Remove the tape slowly and cautiously; don’t just rip it off. The tape will make the bottom line of the eyeliner perfectly sharp and straight. Most of the work is in the positioning of the tape, so make sure it’s even on both eyes.

This trick doesn’t take long to get the hang of, and it ensures that the bottom of the eyeliner will always be perfectly sharp. Just remember to go slowly when connecting the wing, so the top line isn’t messed up. Once this trick is mastered, eyeliner will no longer be a hassle.