Sequoits Send the Knights Down the Gutter

Antioch bowling defeated Grayslake North at home with three great scores.


Julia Murillo

The Bowling team is looking forward to the rest of the season, and to focus on improving.

The girls bowling team faced Grayslake North at home on Tuesday, 1/7. The team bowled well for all three games, although their highlight was the third game. The Sequoits ended up winning the meet with great scores throughout the games. 

“The team did well tonight. Our first game was an 834, our second game was an 873, and our final game was an 945,” senior Allison Kane said.

During a sport many people and teams like to set a goal for the season or for a game, and that is no different for the girls bowling team. The team makes goals for the themselves and then they each have individual goals, whether that includes bowling their best game ever or just staying consistent. 

“The goal we strive to achieve for any meet or tournament is to arise to the occasion by doing our best and having fun and I feel we met that goal as a team,” sophomore Allyssa Tanner said.

In bowling there are many things one can do to be a better bowler and there are things that can cause one to not be as good of a bowler. These strengths and weaknesses can make a big difference when bowling competitively.  

“As a team we have a lot of strengths, we are all very supportive for each other and even though the varsity and junior varsity teams aren’t bowling on the same lanes we still cheer each other on. Having a close team is very important and that helps us succeed,” senior Bryanna Dati said. “But every team has weaknesses and we all find ourselves getting bummed out when we throw one bad ball which can make us upset during the rest of the game but in the end we all come together to support each other.”

The teams next meet is on Thursday, January 9 at 4:30 PM at home against Lakes. The team hopes to take home the win against Antioch’s rival.