Sequoits take on the Wildcats

The girls bowling team competed against Libertyville on Monday January 22, but due to some malfunctions were unable to finish their match.

The girls bowling team competed against Libertyville Monday January 22 at Antioch Lanes.

The match began a little later than expected with the delay of the Wildcats getting ready for warm ups. Unfortunately, during warm ups for the Sequoits, the girls’ bowling balls came back with tar on them from the ball return machine.

The match then had to be delayed longer again until they could find space for both teams to fill in the lanes. While the girls waited for space, the workers tried to figure out the issue with the ball return machine but could not seem to figure it out. Due to the delay, the girls ended up not competing in two matches and not being able to complete the others.

“We didn’t start off that strong in the beginning,” senior Jillian Everett said. “As we came to the end of the second match we were getting better but we couldn’t continue that into the next couple matches because of the delay in time.”

The inability to complete their last match of he season led to the girls having a match scheduled for Tuesday January 23. The girls next compete at the NLCC conference match in hopes of capturing the conference title, so come support them at 3D Bowling Lanes in Wauconda on Friday, January 26.