Severe Attack on Ohio State University Injures 11

Ohio State student runs vehicle into pedestrians, stabs nearby passing pedestrians

Students leave buildings after police respond to an attack on Ohio State University Campus.


Students leave buildings after police respond to an attack on Ohio State University Campus.

After six people were intentionally hit by an oncoming car at Ohio State University, the student driving the car began to stab students and staff on the sidewalk, leaving five with severe wounds and lacerations. According to USA Today Eleven people were rushed to hospitals in Columbus, Ohio following the brutal attack around 10 a.m. Monday morning.

Within the first minute of the attack, campus police officer Alan Horujko shot the suspect. A SWAT team, K9 and bomb squad unit reported to scene shortly after in case of further issues and other possible outcomes. Following the attack, the campus was immediately put into lockdown for roughly an hour and a half in order to secure the safety all after the dangerous incident. Junior Lauren Annunzio believes events similar to this could have an impact on this town.

“When I heard about the attack I didn’t know what to do,” Annunzio said. “It scared me to think that these attacks are happening more frequently and in places that can be close to home.”

Attacks similar to the event at Ohio State University occur frequently and affect students and staff around the nation.

The 20-year old attacker, Abdul Razak Ali Artan, was a student of the university and a native resident of Somalia. Although there has been no further connection to terrorist organizations, Artan avidly spoke about his Islamic religion to the schools paper and on social media just before the incident, sharing his fear as a Muslim at the public school. Despite this information, investigators continue to seek out the cause of the attack and whether or not it will be documented as an act of terrorism.

“It is terrible that the world has come to this,” junior Patrick Day said. “That people feel the need to use violence and kill other people because of a religion.”

The campus believes the attack was intentional, and plans new safety systems to ensure the future well being of all their students and staff.