Simple Ways to a Healthy Garden

As spring makes its way here, it is important to keep plants healthy for the season. Here are simple ways to accomplish having a large and plentiful garden.

Spring has arrived, and with it comes the annual gardens that many like to plant. However, April showers are not the only way to keep them thriving. One way to keep a garden looking healthy is by using the right food and fertilizer. A healthy and natural form of fertilizer that can be used for a garden is old grass clippings that have been composting.

“I don’t use fertilizer, I mainly use compost and old leaves so there are less chemicals in the garden,” social studies teacher Amy Skonberg said.

Another method that can help with preserving a garden making sure the plants are planted where there is plenty of sun. A plant’s main form of reproduction is photosynthesis, which requires ample sunlight to produce the most nutrients.

“Stationing your vegetable garden in a sunny spot ensures seedlings get the light they need to grow big and strong,” writer Ivory Harlow from Farm and Dairy said.

It is very important to make sure that your plants are not too closely packed together. As mentioned before, plants need plenty of sun, but plants may overpower other plants, which prevents them from absorbing any sun. As an effect, those plants that lack the sun they need will surely wilt and die.

One final quality to having a healthy garden is making sure that the plants are in good condition. If buying plants at store to transfer into the garden, make sure there are no signs of it being sick.

Don’t take home a plant with dead spots, rotted stems, or insects,” writer A.R. Chase. from Fine Gardening said. “These problems can easily spread to your healthy plants and are sometimes hard to get rid of once established.”

By keeping up with these simple tips, achieving that big and healthy garden should come as no problem.