Softball Masks

What a softball mask is and why players use them.

Taylor Feltner

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Sequoits Who Serve
May 11, 2018

Softball masks are worn mostly by softball players that play the infield; especially the pitcher, but also sometimes by the first and third basemen. This is because line drives tend to come towards these spots faster and the fielders sometimes have little time to react.

“I wear it when I’m pitching, but not at any other position,” junior Amber Blake said.

There have been a lot of girls that have gotten hit in the head, and it has caused major changes in the players on and off the field. So wearing these masks have definitely helped lower the risk of head injuries in softball.

“I feel more protected from line drives, but I mostly only wear it because my mom wants me to,” Blake said.

Softball masks can be made of plastic or metal, and has some padding around the forehead and chin for protection of the face. They have many different colors and designs available for these masks. Some masks have more coverage, which could cause interferences with the player’s eyes while trying to field a ground ball. While the ones with less coverage are lighter and in most cases have not many, if any, blind spots when trying to field the ball.

These masks are not required, however they do help players play with confidence knowing they won’t have to worry about missing the ball and it hitting them in the face.