Speech Team’s First Tournament

Coach Teddy leads the ACHS speech team to what they hope is their best season ever.


The Speech Team kicked off their season with their first tournament on Saturday, Oct. 31, resulting in a win for the Sequoits. For junior Jack Connelly, this was the first of many tournaments he will be attending as a Sequoit.

“It was really fun actually,” Connelly said. “I really enjoyed going there, and it was a good experience.”

Connelly and his partner, junior Devan Babcock, placed fourth overall in Duo Interpretation of Literature.

Senior Gennifer Geer is no stranger to speech.

“I did speech and debate at my old school,” said Geer. “That translated into me doing different events here.”

Geer took first in Extemporaneous Speaking over the weekend.

Junior Gabi Kaliz has been a part of the team since her freshman year and has enjoyed success for the season’s start.

“I broke in Dramatic Performance and got seventh,” said Kaliz. “I also broke in Original Oratory and got fourth.”

With many other outstanding performances on Saturday, the season looks bright for these Sequoits.