Staying Positive in the Negative

Due to temperatures entering the negatives, many people may not enjoy leaving the house. Nevertheless, there are still ways to remain occupied


Chloe Barbarise

There are multiple activities to do when trapped inside, whether done independently or with a friend.

Temperature’s have been below freezing the past few weeks, making leaving the house and staying warm  difficult. Although it may be boring, there are many ways to stay occupied while inside. 


The first way to stay occupied is painting. Painting is very relaxing and can take up a lot of time. It also brings out one’s creative side and allows them to use their imagination. Painting with others may be another option if the situation allows it.


According to Wise Bread,painting on paper or a canvas is a fun activity for everyone. Painting a box or jar is a great way to make new, homemade decor or to spice up old decor.


Another way to stay occupied inside is baking. Baking can be a fun way to cure boredom and create very delicious food. Baking from scratch can be fun, but also challenging, so searching apps such as Pinterest, can help a beginner find easy recipes. 


Doing yoga or light workouts is another way to stay occupied inside.Staying healthy and in shape is important during these freezing times. Staying in shape and keeping your body healthy helps someone fight off sicknesses. 


According to LiveStrong, working out and staying healthy allows the body to possibly fight off disease that will hurt it. YouTube is one good place to find simple yoga and workout videos. They are free and some may be very easy to follow along with. 


One last way to stay occupied while inside is binge watching Netflix or another streaming service. Finding a good movie or television series can be a lengthy, but enjoyable source of entertainment. Sophomore Desirae Wittig-Gildea enjoys watching Netflix in her freetime.


“I really like watching shows that leave you on a cliffhanger after episodes,” Wittig-Gildea said. “They keep me entertained.”


Binge watching television can be a good way to pass time and find a new favorite show or movie. 


Staying inside during the freezing weather can be hard, but finding new hobbies or enjoyable activities can cure boredom when unluckily stuck inside.