Stick It to the Workout

A unique workout that mixes up the typical routine.

There are plenty of creative ways to find inspiration for a new workout. One workout that takes on a new spin and helps create a new routine is the “popsicle stick” workout.

This workout involves writing different exercises on each stick, placing them in a cup and randomly choosing each exercise as the workout progresses. These exercises include cardio, core, upper body and lower body workouts. Once a popsicle stick exercise is completed, place it in the done cup, pick another stick and continue with the next workout.

This is a great method for someone who wants to mix up his or her everyday workout from that typical, linear routine. It is also very convenient in deciding what type of workout to complete, whether it be cardio, lower body/core or just completely cardio.

“I think it would be a great workout to try in class,” physical education teacher Jamie Walton said. “I feel gives students more of a choice when they work out.”

When designing this workout, a suggestion would be to color code the sticks by certain colors. For instance, red would be cardio and blue would be core. This way, there’s a wide range of different exercises and forms to choose from.

Another important accessory when working out is having a pump-up playlists of songs to help someone workout to. Here is a playlist of songs that will sure to make someone get into a mood for working out.

“I would definitely try it out,” senior Desiree Davis said. “I feel it mixes things up and is a change.”

In the end, this is a workout that can work all muscles and still keep the workout different.