Student Council Election Results Are In

New student council members announced after completed election.

With a return to the old system of student voice within the school, the former Student Council Club at Antioch Community High School changed its approach to integrating student-led opportunities for the coming years.

The new system brought student campaigns and elections for the officer roles of Spirit Leader, Secretary, Vice President and President, with each class given its own set of events to plan, organize and run throughout the school year.

“I am very excited for the new system as each set of officers will split up the weight of what the Student Council previously upheld,” math teacher and freshman student council advisor Megan Webster said.

Elected sophomore candidates were Brad Parfitt and Ali Hoffelder as Spirit Leaders, Eleni Sakas as Secretary, Cale Wolf as Vice President and Zoe Semersky as President, along with Ms. Craig advising.

In addition to special education teacher Mary Kelly advising the junior officers, elections resulted in Amber Blake and Skylar Loos for Spirit Leaders, Sally Bessette as Secretary, Jordan DeLara as Vice President and RJ Vazquez as President.

Finally, the senior officers who received the most votes were Jack Connelly, Gabi Kalisz, Kristina Esdale, Jack Klem and Ali Comer. The chosen roles for the Senior Council will be announced at a later date; however, their advisor will continue to be preschool teacher Laura Tielke, former head of the Student Council Club.

The Freshman officers will participate in the same process when they begin school in the fall.

“The popularity of the elections was uplifting, and it will be interesting to see how the collaboration between classes will pan out in the process of school events next year,” Webster said.