Team moms take on field hockey

An insight on the inside works of the team moms of field hockey.


Madi Serdar

(Pictured left to right) Mrs. LaCerba, Mrs. Baylen, Mrs. Quirke and Mrs. Volkmar

Over the course of the field hockey season, the team moms have been the team’s biggest supporters. They have worked together to create delicious team dinners, provide snacks before games and overall have been motherly figures to the team. One of the team moms, Sherri LaCerba, still continues to be one of the team moms of the team even though her daughter, Faith LaCerba graduated last spring.

“It is fun, I love the girls and the coaches and I want all of the girls to have somebody else to look to if they need something,” S. LaCerba said. “All of the girls love my enchiladas.” 

Many of the dinners are themed nights which have all been put together by the team moms. Some of the themes include: taco night, pizza night, Thanksgiving night, etc. Many of the moms work hard to contribute homemade dinners. They work together by using group emails and sign up sheets to help every mom contribute to the dinner. 

“All of us decide on what theme we are going to do and then we come up with a list of foods,” Dawn Volkmar, mother of freshman Miley and junior Macie Volkmar, said. ¨Then we make a sign up genius and we put it out to all of the moms and then the moms will sign up for a dish that they’re doing to make for the team.”

The team moms do not just prepare the team dinners, but also help the girls prepare for games such as their annual St. Louis tournament trip. The moms made useful things to help and care for the girls on their way to St. Louis.

“We made snack bags with some snacks for the drive there and also made the team t-shirts,” Jen Quirke, mother of alumna Katie and sophomore Grace Quirke, said.

“All of the parents pitched in snacks, water and gatorade and also ordered Jimmy Johns and Olive Garden for some of the dinners on the way to St. Louis and back,¨ D. Volkmar said. 

Throughout the field hockey season, the team moms have been there for the girls to help and care for them. The field hockey team is not just the girls who make the team, but the moms too.