‘That’s So Raven’ Spin-off to Air in July

Disney Channel plans to premiere the new ‘Raven Baxter’ in her new show, ‘Raven’s Home.’

As a childhood favorite, the hit show ‘That’s So Raven’ is set to showcase a spinoff based on the life of Raven in her adult years. According to TeenVogue, Disney commented in a press release that the new series will premiere on Disney Channel on July 21. The new episodes will air every Friday at 8:30 p.m. ET, with the series premiere airing at 10 p.m. ET on Disney Channel.

Fans of the early 2000s show have come out on social media, discussing the excitement of reliving their childhood once again.

“I liked the show when I was younger,” junior Savanna Gonzalez said. “It addressed real issues but tended to be repetitive.”

Not only will viewers get to witness the infamous Raven-Symoné comeback of the century, but the show announced they will feature Raven’s best friend, Anneliese Van Der Pol, who played Chelsea Daniels in the sitcom. Since the series finale, Symoné has achieved her dream of being a fashion designer. Both actresses are now divorced, single mothers living together with their children.

Many 90s children would question whether Raven’s power would be reciprocated through her children, and now fans have answers. According to IMDb, Raven discovers in ‘Raven’s Home’ that her daughter has inherited the trait of seeing the future, a main plot point to the series.

In addition to the arrival of the continued ‘Raven’ series, Symoné announced a while back that she would be taking the job as executive producer for the upcoming show. Breaking hit records for Disney Channel back on the ‘That’s So Raven’ series premiere in 2003, the new sitcom is sure to bring audiences from all ages back to Disney Channel. 

“I think it’s the right time and going to be great,” junior Madi Mahoney said. “’That’s So Raven’ was my childhood and taught me valuable lessons.”

Leading up to the series premiere, Disney Channel will have all 4 seasons of ‘That’s So Raven’ on the app and on demand in June.