The Freedom of Turning 18

18 is the age of new opportunities and more freedom.

Sofia Klem

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The Freedom of Turning 18

Turning 18 means becoming an adult in the eyes of the law and getting introduced to many new things. Buying lottery tickets or cigarettes, getting tattoos or piercings, 18 comes with a lot of responsibility. For some, that age can be overwhelming and scary. It means potentially going to college and starting a new life after high school. If not college, then another new phase of life. Students look forward to their 18th birthday for the fun things the age allows them to do. 

“I am excited to be able to get tattoos and get into rated R movies; those privileges will be nice,” sophomore Troy Coleman said. “I am also looking forward to doing age appropriate things that I’m not able to do now. I plan on voting for president when I turn 18 which will be an interesting and new experience.”

Coleman has a couple of years until he’s 18, but is still excited for the time to come. He loves the idea of multiple tattoos and the other privileges that come with being an 18 year old. On the other hand, some closer to the age of 18 are scared of the responsibilities coming to them when they reach their birthday.

“I’ve earned respect and freedom from parents throughout the years,” senior Symone Henderson said. “But having preteen freedom versus freedom when you’re 18 seems so different to me.” 

The possibilities are near endless when students turn 18; the privileges and responsibilities can be overwhelming, but exciting at the same time.