The Sequoits Outbowl the Bulldogs

The girls bowling team pulls off a close series win by 181 pins.


Eleni Sakas

Bowling pins being reset up for the next bowler.

Antioch High School’s girls bowling team had their first match against the Wauconda Bulldogs yesterday at 3D Bowling lanes in Indian Lake.  The night ended with a close win for Antioch, with a final series score of 2405-2224.

Both the JV and varsity team started the first match with lots of energy. JV won their first game and sophomore Lexi Gorischek helped the team have a strong start with a clean strike.

On the other hand, varsity was unable to pull off a win for the first match, with the score ending 804-740 in favor of the Bulldogs. However, senior Jill Everett greatly helped contribute to the team’s score by bowling a turkey and finishing with a personal series score of 437 pins. Also, sophomore Lynn Michalec finished game two with four strikes in a row and a personal series team-high score of 558 pins. In the end, an intense tiebreaker game three had both teams crashing pins back and forth. Senior Sam Knab was able to secure the match win by bowling a double and finishing with a personal series score of 518 pins.