The Swing of Things

The struggle of getting back on track with a scheduled day.


Beep beep beep. SNOOZE. Beep beep beep. SNOOZE. Looks at time. 7:15 AM. Oh no.

Waking up 30 minutes too late and having no time to get ready. After two weeks of continuous sleep, four-day weekends and late nights with friends, Sequoits struggle with getting back into the swing of things. However, there are multiple ways to make getting through the school day a little easier.

Sleep: Active Sequoits can have a ten hour school day depending on their current sport and activities; the fun doesn’t end there for they can have an hour or two dedicated to homework. With so much going on, it’s a necessity for Sequoits to get their sleep. With time off, getting back on a normal sleep schedule can be difficult.

“Waking up on time was the hardest part about coming back from break. I got so used to waking up past ten AM, it was difficult to get up at six again,” junior Robert Christiansen said.

Eating Habits: While on break, it’s very rare for a Sequoit to awake before nine AM; with this in consideration, most students will not eat breakfast until far into the morning. Especially with the past holiday season, most students haven’t been eating their usual foods. Getting back into the swing of things, Sequoits coming back from break will have to transition into their early morning granola bars and 11AM lunch pizzas.

Homework: Two weeks away from school means two weeks away from math problems, chemistry labs and history books. Getting back into the swing of things, students will have to use their time management skills to get back on track, juggling homework and spending time with friends.

Socializing: Some students spent their break busy with friends and family,

but for other Sequoits, they stayed at home relaxing, catching up with their sleep and Netflix series. Getting back into the swing of things, returning students will have the opportunity to catch up with friends and learn about their past two weeks.

The holidays are over, and it’s the start of the new year. It’s time to learn to have better communication and do what everything one wants to do. Time to get back into the swing of things and make a difference.