Tri-M Performs At The Latte Cafe

Tri-M Music Honors Society performs at a nearby cafe, sharing their enthusiasm, passion for music.

The ACHS Tri-M Music Honors Society performed a two-hour recital for the community on Saturday, April 2, at The Latte Cafe. As they pursued to spread music into nearby communities through service work pertaining to all fine arts, the chapter gave local coffeeshop visitors a taste of students’ talent and enthusiasm for music through a small afternoon performance.

“The purpose was to not only give our musicians a chance to play, but also to inspire others to want to be apart of this wonderful group,” Tri-M president senior Ellie Yankee said.

With nearly twenty performers, the recital varied in music style from drummed marches and classical Mozart to jazz funk and modern singing. The recital, hosted at the coffee shop just around the corner from the school, proved to liven up the mood and brought awareness to Antioch’s up-and-coming musicians, helping Tri-M bring more local music in local communities.

“Even though it was a small venue, I think the performance was a good step towards getting Tri-M’s name out and spreading its influence beyond the school walls,” junior Kara Wolf said.

Tri-M also plans to host similar events in the future.