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True or trend: TikTok, men and the Roman Empire

Gaining popularity in August of 2023, the trend of women asking the men in their lives how frequently they think about the Roman Empire has captivated social media.
Casey Reitschel
Despite the many years that have passed, the Roman Empire is still something that many think about on a regular basis.

The Roman Empire fell in September of 476 AD, but that has not stopped the historical epoch from enthralling the internet. Women have been asking their male partners, relatives and friends about just how often they think about the Roman Empire, and posting their interactions on social media has become a trend. 

Seemingly sparked by Roman reenactment personality Gaius Flavius, the reenactor posted an Instagram Reel on Aug. 19, in which he encouraged women to ask the men that they know about the historical period, going viral upon suggesting that those who ask will “be surprised by their answers.”

In the following months, the trend has not let up, with posts of the phenomenon flooding TikTok and Instagram feeds alike. According to Time Magazine, the hashtag, #RomanEmpire has accumulated well over 893 million views. English teacher and Roman Empire enthusiast Jim Hellen offers a less media-inclined perspective on the sensation. Admitting that he had not even heard of the apparent craze, he nevertheless provided insight as to why this content may be continuing to gain traction.

“Fashion, architecture and politics,” Hellen said of what he personally thinks of in regards to the Roman Empire. Teaching an entire unit on Julius Caesar as part of his English II Honors curriculum, he also adds that there is much to be reflected by the Romans in today’s society, referencing military, leadership and philosophy. 

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However, this trend also goes to show the lengths to which the media will go to perpetuate a narrative. Whether that is for views and/or money. Being a Social Studies teacher, while also being active on social media, Whitney Walsh has a view of which she can see the “niche” and unexpected “wildness” of the trend as well as the “exaggeration” of it.

I think it’s an easy trend that takes little planning and effort to complete but is getting a lot of views,” Walsh said. “It’s really easy to create content that reflects the narrative being pushed. When men don’t answer the way that’s expected for these kinds of videos, they just don’t make the cut, or the video isn’t posted.” 

Several videos echo Walsh’s thoughts, reiterating the idea that the trend does not exactly fit all men. With this, the hollowness of the trend is not hard to observe.

Regardless of the concept’s perception, the trend is being received with jest and curiosity all the same. Whether it is every other day, or a couple of times a month, men really do think about the Roman Empire more than what was previously believed.


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Sydney Vega
Sydney Vega, Tom Tom Staff
Sydney Vega is a junior and this is her first year on the Tom Tom staff. She is a competitive swimmer and a member of NHS. In her free time, Vega loves to read and hang out with friends.
Casey Reitschel
Casey Reitschel, Tom Tom Staff
Casey Rietschel is a senior at Antioch Community High School. This is his second year on staff, he is not the best writer but he is very good at design. He plays baseball for the school and works at Sunset Grill outside of school.
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