What’s In Your Bag: Alyssa Colpaert

Athan Kaliakmanis

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For every sport, athletes are given things to either wear or use. In dance, you are given both. Sophomore Alyssa Colpaert attempts to always be prepared using the materials in her bag.

“I’m always pretty prepared if I get hurt,” Colpaert said. “If I have something that breaks, I have extras of everything.”

Some people might think that dancers aren’t required to carry or use a lot of items. They may think that dance is all about balance and just twirling. However, dancers are required to have several items to prevent injury, soreness or any other complications.

“I always have my turners, Icy Hot, KT tape, hair ties and a snack,” Colpaert said. “On competition days or basketball games, I also have my Nikes, poms, costume, makeup and hair supplies. I will also sometimes bring a roller if we had a tough practice and my legs are sore.”

Dancing is all about how graceful a person is on the floor. In order to be the best dancer a person can be, one needs all these materials to not only look the best but to be the best. Alyssa and all of the dancers have proved by placing top three in every competition this year that using all of the materials in your bag works.