What’s in Your Bag: Dance

Every sport has necessities that each individual needs, including dance.

Every sport requires a bag where an athlete can bring their needed items to and from practices and competitions. Junior dancer Haley Aitken helps give a better understanding of what helps her be successful on a daily basis at practice.   

In order to work on certain turns or jumps in the routine, different shoes depending on the style of dance, is a necessity. Aitken carries extra accessories in her bag in case she needs them later on. 

“In my bag I have all of my shoes, including ballet shoes, jazz shoes and tuners,” Aitken said. “I also have a pair of socks and little things like hair ties, bobby bins, water and advil.”

Coming into practice prepared with all the needed items is expected for all sports, including dance. According to Aitken, coming to practice with her tuners makes a huge difference. 

“The most important thing in my dance bag is definitely my tuners because I use them for practice everyday,” Aitken said.

Everyone has meaningless items in their bag that aren’t as important as the more other items. For example, Aitken’s less important items are her hair accessories that she does not typically use.

“The least important thing in my bag is either the extra pair of socks or bobby pins because we barley dance in socks and usually my hair is not in a ponytail so I don’t need any bobby pins,” Aitken said.

Having memories to look back on and looking forward to new accomplishments can make a sport so worth it. For Aitken, personalizing her bag from previous years and continuing the tradition throughout her years is what makes her bag meaningful to her.

“Something meaningful inside my bag is probably the ribbons we get at each competition which is something each team member designs for each competition for inspiration,” Aitken said. “Another thing is the pins we got from state the past two years because it’s a fun memory.”

Everything in Aitken’s bag is something she uses to her advantage everyday.