Wrestling Senior Night

The Sequoits celebrate the seniors as they continue their stride through the season.

Samantha Milliken

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The seniors were recognized for all their accomplishments throughout the year at their meet January 24. It was a bittersweet goodbye for the senior wrestlers, but the boys picked up a win against Grayslake Central with the score of 59-9.

While some of the wrestlers view their season ending as just saying goodbye to their teammates; others see it as losing the people who have stood by them on both their best and worst days.

“The seniors have had the biggest impact on me this season,” junior Lucas Bentley said. “They give me a point of talent to strive and push for.”

Bentley also feels that his teammates push him during practice, pick him up after a loss and are always there to help even when it’s not wrestling related.

Although the sport can be extremely difficult physically and mentally, overcoming the challenges will be worth it in the end according to senior Alex Barbarise

“This sport has taught me that you can do anything no matter how hard it may be,” Barbarise said. “If you believe you can do something, it will lead you to your end goals.”

Bentley plans on continuing to improve with this mindset with the hopes of becoming a better role model and leader for the underclassmen. 

Throughout the season, head coach Wilbur Borrero has noticed the passion and willingness to get better that the seniors have. This group in particular stands out and has won 697 out of 900 matches within their four years at Antioch on varsity.

“This group is just one of those rare groups you get,” Borrero said. “I admire them and all of their hard work.” 

While some are near the end of the road of high school wrestling, others will be continuing to prepare for their wrestling career in college. Senior night was a way of giving back to themselves and all their supports when they came out with a big win. Although the seniors may be saying a soon goodbye to wrestling, the memories and glory will last forever.