10 Things You Need To Know for Monday, February 13



The Oraville dam showed signs of dangerous overflow after a tremendous amount of rain received in this area of California.


1. Summer In Winter Week Kicks Off

Monday marks the start of the 2017 Summer in winter week with movie day. Students and staff were encouraged to dress up as their favorite characters from movies and TV shows. Many different events will be hosted throughout the week including Mr. ACHS, bouncy houses and a baggo tournament. Students will also be able to redeem their Sequoit slips for fun treats during lunch hours. While tickets are sold for $15 during lunch hours this week and $20 at the door Saturday, the end of the week will conclude with the newly re-designed Winter Formal dance.


2. Travel Ban Struck down in District 9 Appeals Court

The Trump administration’s recent travel ban stopping all types of travel from seven middle eastern countries was once again struck down in court. This ban gained controversy over the selected seven countries having little terror threat and past acts of terror stemming from said countries. The travel ban is just one of the many controversial decision to have come out of the new Trump administration.


3. Sequoits Take Part in Northern Lake County Conference Honor Band

The NLCC Honor Band highlighted outstanding performers in the Northern Lake Conference as they came together for a performance on Friday Feb. 10. The concert took place at Grayslake Central High School and consisted of several Sequoit students including Booker Grass, Mallory Andre, Joe Scaluca, Will Beake, Marian Lafferty, Emily Voykin and Heather Mcnaughton. The two bands, freshman-sophomore and junior-senior, played a variety of songs including Spirit of the Guard, Festival of Russia, Saranande & Polka and Song for Lyndsay.
4. MakerSpace Ignites Creativity

While most go to the cafeteria or commons during their lunch hour, the MakerSpace, housed inside the library, offers a space for creativity for students wanting to perfect their skills in jewelry making, painting, 3-D printing and more. The room hosts Maker Mondays each week to highlight special crafts and is open to all students during their study-hall/lunch period.


5. Mr. ACHS Competition

While many look forward to making Homecoming, Prom Court or Sequoia Queen, Antioch’s long tradition of crowning Mr. ACHS is approaching. Taking place in the midst of Summer and Winter Week, the Mr. ACHS competition is open to any male student on Wednesday, Feb. 15 at 7pm. Whether chosen for his talent, personality or achievement, come out to watch this year’s Mr. ACHS be brought into the spotlight.


6. Upcoming Variety Show Auditions

Put together by the Freshman Student Council, the Variety Show is set to take place on Saturday, March 4. The event, similar to a talent show, showcases student and faculty talent through music, dance and unique hobbies. For those interested in having an act in the show, auditions are being held Thursday, Feb. 16 from 3-5 pm in room 110. For more information  on the the performance, contact Ms. Webster.


7. Annual Wellness Challenge Continues

The annual wellness challenge began its six-week competition on Monday, Feb. 6 to promote healthy living among ACHS students and staff. Individuals and groups were able to sign up for the challenge and give themselves points according  to their fulfillment of several areas found in a healthy lifestyle. Including exercise, nutritious eating and meditative or relaxing activities, those partaking in this challenge track points in these areas to receive raffle tickets. At the end of each week, participants are able to enter their tickets in a raffle for a variety of prizes and aim towards an overall high-score in wellness points.


8. Sports Begin to Change Seasons

As winter athletics start to wind down, spring sports practices and tryouts are soon to come. Many Sequoit teams ended the year on a strong point including the girls basketball team gaining another title at the NLCC conference, girls bowling team of which two students went to sectionals and the 4th place win for the cheerleading team at state. Now that these sports are tying the knot to the end of their season, several sports such as track and field are prepping their way towards a successful season in the spring.


9. CSPN’s ‘American Greed’ Communicates Ties with Previous Antioch Resident

The CSPN television station recently released a film that outlines the negative assets of many Americans trying to reach their personal American Dream. Among the many references found within the film is the suicide of Lake County’s Lt. Gliniewicz. For more information on “American Greed,” check out Lauren Bluthardt’s story coverage of the film HERE.


10. Thousands Flee from California Dam Eruption

Oroville, CA residents ran through chaos to escape what could be a dangerous overflow of water in their area. Following several days of rain and erosion on the nation’s largest dam, the county called for an emergency evacuation in case of a water eruption. Because the situation has not yet been cleared, thousands remain sheltered in evacuated houses and buildings.