15 Things I Learned at 15

15 things I’ve learned in my 15 years of life.

Mollie Wagner

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1. What’s important to you may not be important to everyone else. 

Even if others don’t take time to appreciate the little things or things that you find important, never lose sight of what you think is right.

2. You have to make yourself a priority.

Don’t spend all of your time and energy worrying about other people and their problems. You and your mental state are more important and should be accounted for.

3. No matter if you’re standing alone, stand up for what you believe in. 

Not everyone will have the same mind or heart as you and learning that is a huge part of growing up and maturing. It’s okay to be the odd one out if you’re passionate about something.

4. Change isn’t always bad.

As scary as it may seem, change is good. Sometimes it’s necessary for you to grow and develop. It may be hard, but stepping out of your comfort zone is not easy for anyone.

5. A positive mindset is always necessary. 

Healthy minds lead to a happy and healthy life. Do something that you love.

6. There’s always someone who cares about you.

No matter how alone you feel, open your mind to people who could be feeling the same way or people who want to help.

7. The opinions of others shouldn’t define you. 

Be original in the way you present yourself, your thoughts and your ideas. If people don’t like it, that’s not your fault.

8. Set time aside for yourself. 

It’s a bad day, not a bad life.

9. Alone time doesn’t necessarily mean you’re alone.

 You still have people who love and care about you, but the relationship you have with yourself is most important. Read a book, take a nap, enjoy yourself. 

10. Don’t depend on anyone else for your own happiness.

Fall back on yourself when you’re looking for happiness, not someone else. That’s not fair to you or them, people come and go.

11. Love like you’ve never lost.

Don’t open closed doors that were closed for a reason, you can’t change the past.  

12. Don’t settle for less when you deserve the best.

Waiting around for things to get better is only going to make situations worse.

13. Everything happens for a reason.

You don’t always know the reason and sometimes it’s the last thing that you want to happen. Trust in the process, time heals.

14. Cheaters never change.

Stop telling yourself differently.

15. Always be your #1 supporter.

In the end, you’re the one who will always be there for yourself.