5 things About Winter You’re Going to Miss

Five things you are going to miss about winter, when the warm weather takes over.

Gabrielle Kalisz, News Editor

The end of winter is in sight, and with warm weather just around the corner, a collection of awesome things about winter can be forgotten. Before you bust out your flip flops and shorts, don’t forget these five things about winter you’re going to miss.


  • Waking up and seeing the fresh snowfall


Before all of the loud noises, cold and bitterness of the snow set in, those few hours in the morning after a snowfall, can be the best. Waking up and looking out the window to see that a fresh blanket of pure white snow has gently been placed everywhere. For a couple of hours it’s just peaceful, you look out your window into a winter wonderland, before the cold and sound of snow blowers can ruin it. It is just a small reminder that winter, isn’t so bad after all.



  • Blankets, blankets and more blankets


There is no better feeling than being wrapped up in a blanket, or several. With your own pocket of warmness, blankets allow a small escape from the bitter cold outside. So grab as many as you can, and cherish their every being. Blankets are a small door into a world of warmth, they make everything on the outside not seem to matter. Did I mention they get better the more there are? Now I’m not saying crush yourself under a mountain of blankets, but there is nothing wrong with making your own little world under a few…or several.


  1. Hot Chocolate

After a long day at school, work, or even if you’re feeling like you need a little something extra, during the winter, hot chocolate is the perfect go to. At what seems to be the perfect temperature, holding a mug of hot chocolate can make all of your worries disappear.  Close your eyes, as your taste buds become overwhelmed and excited with the perfect taste. Hot chocolate seems to be one of those simple wonders of winter, where something so simple can be so good. Whether you like it with marshmallows or plain, you can’t seem to wrong with a warm dose of hot chocolate in the winter.



  • Having an excuse to do nothing


When the weather outside is nice, there is almost like a sense of guilt attached to wanting to stay inside all day. During the winter this is a completely different story, so grab your remote, favorite bag of chips, your slippers and make yourself comfortable on that couch, because you don’t have to go anywhere. When its freezing outside, you have a little bit more of an excuse to not doing anything. I mean what can you? Seize this perfect opportunity for reality TV, and not having to move off your couch because before you know it it’s going to be warm again, and that guilt of staying inside in warm weather will be back.



  • Snow, more specifically things you do in the snow


No matter how old you are, you are never too old to channel your inner Ana and Elsa with making a snowman. I’m not talking about the annoying part of the snow that includes shoveling, slipping and falling. I’m talking about the fun parts: playing in snow, sledding, skiing and watching from a distance. Whether we want to admit it or not, snow brings us an opportunity for hours of fun. Embrace your inner child, have a snowball fight, build a snowman because soon enough it’ll all have melted away.