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Alabama Stays Undefeated

University of Alabama’s football team continued their winning streak with Mac Jones leading the charge.
Jaxsen Krapf
University of Alabama football coach Nick Saban pinpoints their success to his emphasis on self growth.

University of Alabama quarterback Mac Jones and running back Najee Harris showcased their chemistry on Saturday’s game at University of Tennessee. Alabama remained undefeated after beating the Tennesse Volunteers 48 to 17 in an initial close game that evolved into a blowout by Alabama. 


Unfortunately, the game was not all good news with Alabama wide receiver Jaylen Waddle suffering a season ending injury to the ankle. Entertainment and Sports Programming Network stated that head coach Nick Saban called the injury a combination of a high ankle sprain and a fracture. 


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Waddle suffered this injury on the opening kickoff of the game. After the kickoff, Alabama quickly got back on their feet. Harris scored the first touchdown of the game with seven minutes and 41 seconds left in the first quarter.


A minute later into the game, Tennessee threw an incomplete pass which put them at fourth and three. Jones threw to the 25 yard line to set up Harris for yet another touchdown. On third and two, Harris showed the Volunteers weak defense by spinning away from a tackler resulting in a first down for Alabama. The next play, Harris got the ball in the endzone but the refs called it no good. On first and goal, Jones ran the ball and scored Alabama’s second touchdown with two minutes and 54 seconds left in the quarter. 


The Volunteers scored their first points with a field goal making the score 14 to three. Alabama running back, Brian Robinson Junior, scored Alabama’s third touchdown with eight minutes and 13 seconds left in the second quarter. Tennessee kept it up with a touchdown by wide receiver, Jalin Hyatt, two minutes later making the score 21 to 10. Harris made the two yard touchdown with four minutes left in the second quarter.


Immediately after the third quarter began, Tennessee dropped the ball and Alabama’s safety Malachi Moore  made the recovery and scored the first touchdown of the third quarter. At four minutes and 21 seconds, Harris made his third rushing touchdown of the game raising the score to 42 to 10. Near the end of the quarter, Hyatt made a catch and ran to attempt to score a touchdown. However, they reviewed and called out that he was out of bounds. To combat this, wide receiver Josh Palmer scored a touchdown the next play making the score 42 to 17.


The fourth quarter started strong for Alabama with a field goal right off the bat making the score 45 to 17. After a long quarter, the game ended with the same score. 


Some students reacted differently to this win by Alabama. Sequoit alumna Madisen Krapf, who currently attends the University of Alabama had positive things to say about the game. 


I think Alabama will absolutely maintain their win streak,” Krapf said. “The teams that were their biggest competition last season haven’t been showing out this year as much, so it’s a good sign for the Crimson Tide.” 


Clemson University currently holds the top ranking and is the only team above Alabama. Sequoit football player and Clemson fan Anthony LaCerba had less positive things to say towards Alabama. 


“I do not think Alabama will maintain their winning streak considering the number one spot belongs to Clemson,” LaCerba said. “Now that the fluke of a season that Louisiana State University had last year is done and over with it’s time for Clemson to take their rightful place.”


Saturday’s game was an expected win for the Alabama Crimson Tide against the Tennessee Volunteers, maintaining their undefeated record this season.

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Jaxsen Krapf
Jaxsen Krapf, Sports Writing Editor
Jaxsen Krapf is a senior and this is his second year on Tom Tom. Krapf enjoys skating with his friends, has a major addiction to music and likes records more than Lila does. Krapf has a love-hate relationship with Taco Bell and enjoys nacho fries. He loves movies like "Nightcrawler" and "Scream" but hates both "Grown Ups" and "Grown Ups 2".
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