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Alabama Takes Home the Trophy

College football finally came to a close on Monday, Jan 11. with Alabama facing off against Ohio State for the National Championship.
Madison Krapf
Through the tough battle on the fIeld, Alabama takes the win over Ohio State to win the National Championship.

On Jan. 11, the 2021 College Football Playoff National Championship took place. With both the University of Alabama and The Ohio State University going undefeated up to this point, fans were in for a close game with the two teams facing off for the first time this season. However, there was controversy as to if Ohio State was even eligible to play because they only played five games up to the Big Ten championship, and the Big Ten said teams had to play at least six games. 

The Big Ten later changed the rules to make it only five games to enter the championship. Furthering the controversy, Alabama played 10 games up to that point so fans saw it as unfair that Alabama played more than Ohio State did leading up to the championship.

To start the game off, on the first play, Ohio State running back Trey Sermon suffered a collarbone injury taking him out the rest of the game. The loss so soon set Ohio up for a tough game against Alabama. With eight minutes and seven seconds left of the first quarter, Alabama makes the first touchdown bringing the score to seven to zero. Only a few minutes later, Ohio State quarterback Justin Fields made a throw from the 50-yard line down to the 15-yard line. This pass was received by tight end, Jeremy Ruckert. The play set up Ohio for an easy touchdown to end the first quarter. 

During the second quarter, Alabama and Ohio State tied at seven to seven. This quickly changed when Alabama scored a touchdown during the first play. Ohio managed to move the ball down the field and four minutes after Alabama, Ohio scored their second touchdown, tying the game once more. 

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At nine minutes left of the second quarter, Alabama quarterback Mac Jones made a successful pass to wide receiver Devonta Smith getting the ball closer to the endzone. On the next play, wide receiver Najee Harris completed the pass and scored Alabama their third touchdown of the night. With one minute and fifty-four seconds remaining, Smith made another touchdown for Alabama and then a few plays later, another touchdown to finish the first half.

The third quarter started with an injury on Smith. Smith was tackled when attempting to make a catch and jammed two of his fingers, taking him out of the rest of the game. Smith said that everything will be alright as he stepped off the field.

After Smith’s game ended, Alabama’s wide receiver Slade Bolden received a catch and ran it into the endzone scoring another touchdown for Alabama. Alabama created a significant lead and maintained it through the game. Both their offense and defense were strong, creating minimal openings for Ohio State to score. 

Alabama stayed strong during the fourth quarter. At this point, many fans believed that Ohio State gave up. Alabama secured a victory against Ohio State winning 52 to 24.

Many Ohio State fans were very confident going into this game because they had a very successful season. During their previous game, they beat Clemson University 49 to 28.

I was expecting the Buckeyes to win,” Terry Dewing, math teacher and Ohio State alumna, said. “I would have hoped that the score would have been closer than it was based on the performance of the Buckeyes against Clemson.”

Returning to the Ohio State controversy, some fans believe that the Big Ten made the right call allowing Ohio State to play in this game. 

“The Big Ten wants the best team in their conference to represent them when the time comes to play for a championship,” Van Alstine said. “They believe that the best team in the conference was Ohio State.”

Many fans believe that the championship game was an example of the two best teams in the league going head to head.

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