American Horror Story is Back

AHS: Hotel premiere reigns in over 5 million viewers with bloody and gruesome first episode.


Clay Vesser

American Horror Story: Hotel

Brittany Bluthardt, Tom Tom Staff

Many fans were checking in on Oct. 7 for the American Horror Story: Hotel season premiere. Starring the well-known and odd Lady Gaga, director Ryan Murphy brings back the cast for the fifth and most hauntingly-freaky installment. Hotel spares no expense and unleashes a blood fest, full of retro, classic horror film vibes and the introduction of multiple new character plot lines. Besides the obscure sex scenes AHS is known for, the first episode featured the typical high shock level of straight up weird. The beloved show, according to Deadline, brought in over 5 million viewers on the premiere night alone.

The new season, based on the first 60 minutes viewers have seen, has an interesting tone and eeriness that, although still familiar, shakes the audience to their bones. Murphy comments on the season’s different tone in an Entertainment Weekly interview, stating, “This season is more paranoid. It’s more claustrophobic. It’s more about hiding things. Hotels by nature are a good place to store secrets.”

The second episode is to air this Wednesday, where we will learn more about Gaga, explore the Hotel Cortez, and meet the beloved Evan Peters as, according to Murphy, “…perhaps the worst human being to have ever lived” this season. AHS can be predicted to rule the TV charts this year, as well as bring real and twisted horror to the screen.