Another One For the Books

Antioch boys wrestling took on the North Chicago Warhawks at home and came out on top, bringing home another win.

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The boys varsity wrestling team competed against North Chicago on Thursday January 18. The boys hoped of coming home with a conference win and that is exactly what happened.

As the night began, the boys were winning with pins left and right. Sophomore Elijah Reyes stood out the most in all of the matches. He wrestled one of North Chicago’s best wrestlers, fighting hard throughout all of the periods and eventually ended up coming out on top and winning his match.

With a week full of long practices, the physical and mental workouts seemed to be work well done for the boys. Especially when it comes to the matches that go into the third period and both wrestlers are exhausted or when just one point is needed to tie or gain the lead; mental strength plays a big role for the Sequoits.

For senior manager Kaitlyn Castillo, being at the matches and seeing the boys is an exciting experience. But, being a manager and being a wrestler are two very different worlds.

“Wrestling is mostly mental and whoever is stronger there does better,” Castillo said. “It is exciting to watch them get better with every match.”

Come support the boys as they head into a match against Grayslake North this coming Wednesday, January 25.