Shooting For Goals

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In soccer, there are the goals to score and then there are the goals to achieve. When it comes to scoring, there is no better feeling than contributing to a team’s victory and fighting to be better mentally and physically. Accomplishments like these come with setting goals prior to the season and throughout the season to keep improving. Communication, intelligence and improvement are just a few goals that are set by most teams in order to achieve their future objectives for the end of the season: whether it be a conference title, regional championship or state championship.

“One goal I have for myself this season is to be quicker off the ball and help advance the field more often,” junior Karina Steitz said. “The past couple years I have worked a lot on my defensive skills, but this season I want to help the team by creating more scoring opportunities.”

The scoring aspect of the game can be more exciting for someone who may not get the opportunity to play a forward position. For junior Gabby Michaels, who plays defense, knows that scoring is important and does her part as a defender to get the ball to the forwards.

“As a team, we always go in with the mindset to score to win,” Michaels said. “It’s important that we keep the ball at our forwards’ feet.”

For Steitz, scoring a goal is an exciting moment in the game that can change her team’s attitude, no matter the score or result of the game. Steitz has personal and team goals for the beginning of each game. This is a good way for everyone to visually see what may need work at practices to prepare for the game or what they are doing really well to boost morale .

When it comes to the overall achievements of the team, it seems they all have the same mindset: to win regionals. The girls fell short in the championship game at regionals last season. This year, they will not let anything get in their way of winning regionals. With a lineup of 15 girls, many of whom are returners, and there are six seniors the team is planning to take advantage of. Hopefully, their skills will contribute to the team’s success and they can accomplish their main goal.