Cruisin’ for a Bruisin’

The Antioch wrestling team took on the Lakes Eagles in a tough match that ended in a Sequoit win.

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Julia Murillo

Rj Vazquez during his match against the Lakes Eagles.

The Sequoit wrestlers competed against their cross-town rivals, the Lakes Eagles, in an intense dual meet on Thursday, January 11.

In the first ten minutes of the match, the Sequoits had already won the first three matches, making the score 12-0. Wins came from juniors Mikey VolkmarJackie Sistrunk and Nico Fier, which created hype for the boys and allowed them to keep the pressure on and defeat their cross-town rival.

As the match continued, the scores were up and down with the lead going back and forth between the two teams. The Eagles did not want to quit, but neither did the Sequoits. A big pin from sophomore Alex Barbarise ultimately pushed the Sequoits to a score of 23-21 which, in the end, gave Antioch the lead necessary to bring home a conference win.

The last two matches made the Sequoits’ lead too out of reach for the Eagles to catch up. Senior Captain RJ Vazquez participated in the final match of the night, having an even match against junior Mickey Kane. Vazquez won his match 6-4 advancing the Sequoits’ score three points and ending the match with 38-24 in favor of the Sequoits.

After a major win for the boys, the varsity team will have a home meet Thursday, January 18 against North Chicago.