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Athlete Profile: Maximus Ness

Valerie Rosek

As the final season of sports for the class of 2021 rolls around, senior Maxwell Ness looks to show others all the hard work he has put in this offseason. Ness has contributed to Antioch’s success in multiple sports over the past few years, doing track and field, playing football and wrestling. There is no doubt that all this effort will translate into college success competing at North Central College. Ness believes what he has done to prepare in the offseason will be crucial in handling himself on the mat from now on.

“I work on technique by myself and have talked to some coaches around to help build my technique,” Ness said. “I have been lifting a lot and have been throwing on the weekends when I can.”

His dedication to his craft does not go unnoticed; as head football coach and assistant track coach, Brain Glashagel, has been a proud coach of Ness as a player and locker room leader and student. Coach Glashagel believes that being one of the most dedicated and committed on the team; he also has some of the most to offer.

“He is committed, disciplined, durable, always available and a leader,” Glashagel said. “But he’s a leader and a captain. [I have] very high expectations for him. I can see him as All-Conference, All-Academic, All-Academic State and All-State this year.”

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Ness competes in shot put and discus for the Antioch Sequoits. He consistently steps up his game day by day and he always sets high standards for himself and makes many goals throughout the year to push him to be the best version of himself he can be. Ness wishes to rise to the occasion this year. He believes he can significantly increase his personal records, be an instrumental piece in the hopeful Conference Champion Antioch Sequoits, and if the IHSA allows a state qualification.

“For the upcoming season, I hope to beat my best throws in shot put by at least six feet and beat my best throw in discus by at least 12 feet,” Ness said. “I hope we can win the conference, and hopefully many other invitationals as well; if there is a state championship, I want to qualify.”

Teammates have always been very supportive and looked up to Ness and a leader. Ness was fortunate enough to be recognized by the football team as a captain. There is no secret to why he is viewed as a leader with others and many younger athletes looking up to Ness as a mentor in both football and track and field. Senior Peyton Bardecki is an athlete who competes alongside Ness in shotput and discus and believes that his commitment to the classroom in addition to his athletics is what truly allows him to excel.

“I expect Max to be a very vocal leader. I see Max as a leader in the classroom, the locker room and a team leader at all times.” Bardecki said. “I believe Max is looked up to by not only underclassmen but everyone else as well.”

In the shortened season this spring, many athletes, coaches and athletic directors have expressed their worries about the safety of the athletes. This is due to not much practice before competition and COVID-19; Max does not fear this, however, as he believes that the team can work hard during practice to prepare in a short span and the IHSA has proved thus far that teams can practice and regularly compete without the spread of COVID-19.

“We will probably not have as many practices to prepare, which means we will have to have a lot of good practices in order to make up for the lost practice time,” Ness said. “With the numbers for COVID-19 going down and with the school following CDC guidelines, I see no reason to worry.”

Ness is looking forward to his last ever sports season as a Sequoit and plans to give it all he has. Ness hopes to compete at the highest level he can, whether that would be at state or if COVID-19 restricts state to play, then at the NLCC level and expects to dominate.

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Joey Neumann
Joey Neumann, Sports Digital Director
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