Behind the Scenes: Teacher Lesson Planning

Spanish teacher Melissa Garcia is one of many teachers that plans her lessons to be fun to teach and to learn.


A normal student may not know how much work truly goes into creating a lesson for one class period. A lesson plan idea usually begins with an inspiration. Spanish teacher Melissa Garcia credits her inspiration to her drives to and from Antioch Community High School. While some teachers chose to share learning techniques with fellow teachers, Garcia prefers to make her own ideas into reality.

“I have a clear vision [of a lesson plan],” Garcia said. “I can bring [students] through that vision.”

Once she has her vision of a lesson plan, Garcia puts it into action. She begins searching for additional resources to add to her lesson, such as videos or articles that relate to the topic. After Garcia finds material she likes, she then creates an interactive and fun assignment for students to accomplish.

“If it’s boring for me to teach, then it’s probably boring for [students] to learn,” Garcia said.

She always tries to do different activities in different formats because she enjoys trying new things and learning alongside her students.

“She tries to make the lessons fun by putting in some partner work and games,” sophomore Ashley Piper said.

After being Garcia’s student for two years in a row, Piper became very fond of Garcia’s teaching style. Piper can advocate for how organized Garcia is with her lesson plan process and presentation.

One piece of advice Garcia has for anyone looking to pursue a teaching career is to take it day by day, and to live in the moment. The work involved in teaching is immense, but with a passion for teaching similar to Garcia’s, it is as if she never has to work a day in her life.