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Boys basketball fights against slow start to the season

Despite a 2-3 record, ACHS boys basketball is demonstrating incredible improvement.
Sydney Parker
Despite a challenging season, boys basketball is proud of the progress they have made.

The Sequoits boys basketball team is around the middle of their season, and they are off to a slow start with a 2-3 record in their conference. The Sequoits have been fighting hard every step of the way, but keep coming short of a victory. 

Despite the slow start, the team has been working even harder in practice; from waking up early to lifting before school. The Seqouits new head coach, Sean Connor, has been pushing his team to be better.

“There are times during the season where we’re here for four hours on Saturday just for filming and weightlifting,” Connor said.

Even though the Sequoits haven’t been able to come home with many victories, they are keeping the scores close with their conference opponents; despite the challenging competition.

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“We have a strong conference with teams ranked top 25 in their school ranking, and there are rivalries and upsets almost every week,” junior Nathan Young said.

The Sequoits have been struggling to keep up with teams in their conference, except for their biggest competition, Lakes Community High School; Lakes has had a successful season, being the number one seed in the conference. The Sequoits lost by only one point to Lakes. There are many more games for the Sequoits to play to help them move up in the conference rankings. When it comes to winning, the boys have been very motivated, and want to turn things around.

“The last couple years, we haven’t really been a winning threat, but we’ve been really motivated this year and want to change that perspective on the Antioch basketball program,” senior Trenton Crandall said.

The Sequoits are ready to break through their losing streak and start dominating the competition. After looking at their past games and seeing what they can improve on, they have the drive to take home more wins. 

“We’re holding teams to ten less points a game in the last six games,” Connor said. “Our defense has improved, and I think our next step is going to be what else we can do for ourselves in a more efficient way.”

As the Sequoits continue to work hard and fight every step of the way, they are looking at a bright future ahead of them.


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Sydney Parker, Sports Writing Editor
Sydney Parker is a senior and this is her fourth year on staff. In her free time, Parker is either spending time with her friends or shopping. Parker plays travel softball, but is also on the school’s golf team and track and field team.
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