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Coach Borrero lives and breathes Sequoit wrestling

Thanks to coach Wilbur Borrero, the Antioch Community High School wrestling program has become more than a place to wrestle.
Coach Borrero lives and breathes Sequoit wrestling. Photo by nwherald.

Antioch has had many great wrestlers come through their program in the past. There have been many different coaches, and all have left their own mark on the program. Coach Wilbur Borrero is looking to leave the biggest one yet. For many years, he has been coaching at the high school level and is one of Antioch’s best role models. The wrestlers look up to him and see someone that symbolizes hard work and “embracing the grind”, Borrero feels the same about his wrestlers no matter their talents, he will hold you to high standards. His standards are why the Sequoits are no stranger to being marked on opponents’ schedules. 

Briar Russell is a senior, and is someone on the team that young wrestlers can look up to. Russel has high praise for his head coach, who has taught him almost everything he knows in the wrestling world. Borrero preaches in the wrestling room translate to the real world. No matter how tough the season gets, the wrestlers know that in the end, they will get something that they can carry into the rest of their lives. 

“The mindset that he has helped us create translates to the real world. The mindset is not only for wrestling it’s something that’s going to help us through obstacles big or small for the rest of our lives,” Russell said. 

Wrestling is not just about how quick you are or how much weight you can move in the gym. It is one of the most mentally taxing sports the school offers. Borrero utilizes extremely hard practices that test mental toughness. He preaches mental toughness which is why his wrestlers can push through a long hard season. 

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“As a person, I think Borrero has had an impact on my mental strength. He pushes us to never 1 give up. He always wants us to find a way to succeed. This not only applies to wrestling but also everyday life,” senior Brock Jurinek said. 

When looking at Borrero from a life point of view, he is a very polite and respectful person. He expects his wrestlers to treat others with the same utmost respect. He is interested in making his wrestlers better people in life. This is what makes Borrero special. 

“Borrero has always wanted me to treat people with respect, he’s always pushing me to be better to my friends and family,” junior Caleb Nobling said. 

Borrero has been a part of sequoit wrestling for years. He is changing the culture not just in the wrestling room, but in the school. The Antioch way of wrestling creates a family bond between teammates that will last forever. 

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