Crossfit: Reps Towards New Curriculum

Controversial workout program added to physical education physical best curriculum to improve overall fitness and wellness of Sequoits

The newest fad is gaining spotlight in the fitness and gym world: CrossFit. Not only has the workout been said to guarantee quick and noticeable results, but is different from the normal weightlifting or cardio-based exercises. Recently, CrossFit has etched it’s way into Antioch

Community High School’s physical education program and has become the basis for most Fit for Life and Physical Best gym classes. With the introduction of this new program, students are learning elements of weightlifting, cardio, balance and overall strength, a drastic change in activity from past curriculum.

Christopher Stanich, a math teacher and “Crossfitter,” said, “I had never lifted weights before, besides when the cross country team went to the weight deck during high school. I wanted to actually see if I could do it.”

Often perceived as difficult by newcomers, CrossFit’s level of intensity can be overwhelming, but Stanich explains, “it involves discipline in all areas: olympic weightlifting, heavy cardio and proficiency in body weight exercises.” A combination of both mind and body effort, along with per- severance, CrossFit extends past the regular workout.

With any up-and-coming health trend, skeptical questions arise. Is CrossFit truly healthy and safe for the body? Are the results always positive? Does it cause more harm than good?

Erin Simmons, athletic coach and fitness writer for the “Huffington Post,” warns about CrossFit workouts and movements.

“They are extremely technique-oriented and are meant to be explosive and powerful over very short periods of time with plenty of rest. Subjecting your muscles to those movements continuously for time or for reps sets you up for injury,” Simmons wrote.

Like any other workout, overexertion and improper form can cause intense pain and exhaustion, and can lead to negative results.

Extending past the high school community, CrossFit gyms are sprouting up across the nation and are quickly catching up to their most successful competitors in the health and wellness industry. ESPN writer, Mark Fainaru-Wada, notes, “CrossFit’s rapid growth can be tied to several factors — the emerging stature of the CrossFit Games, the community atmosphere of the training and the fact workouts are short and results come quickly.” With locations in McHenry, Crystal Lake, Vernon Hills and Lake Villa, CrossFit has already made a presence and continues to emerge itself into the ACHS learning environment and currounding community