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Darling, there is drama

“Don’t Worry Darling” has an incredibly famous cast, including Florence Pugh, Olivia Wilde, Chris Pine and even Harry Styles. However, these superstars are not getting along.
Josie Quirke
The cast of “Don’t Worry Darling” are fueding and the people want to know why.

Celebrities are constantly in the media regarding their feuds. As a society, the constant appearance of what celebrities are not getting along and what couples split never cease; names like Florence Pugh and Harry Styles rarely occur in the weekly gossip. That was until the cast of “Don’t Worry Darling” started interacting in the public eye. The movie, directed by Olivia Wilde, is about life in an experimental community where a housewife suspects that her husband’s company is hiding something from the town.

Originally, the movie was supposed to star Shia LeBeouf until Pugh expressed her complaints regarding the environment that LeBeouf brought to the set, causing Wilde to claim to fire him. However, LeBeouf tells a different story, stating that he was never fired; he quit because the cast could not find time to rehearse. LeBeouf further stated that Wilde begged him to stay.

The drama was not brought to the press until Wilde and her ex-husband Jason Sudeikis split in November 2022. Less than a year later, she was spotted being intimate with the star of her upcoming movie, Styles.

Junior Sam Keeler is a self-proclaimed Harry Styles superfan. As his biggest fan, she has been keeping up with the news.

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“Harry Styles was in a relationship with the director Olivia Wilde, causing a lot of drama because people do not really like her that much,” Keeler said.

Many people have a negative opinion of Wilde because they believe she may have cheated on her ex-husband with Styles. In the middle of a press conference, Wilde was served custody forms regarding her two children with Sudeikis.

As the filming progressed, people noticed that Pugh was not posting about the movie much on her social media compared to the other films she had worked on. Many people believe that the reason for Pugh’s lack of involvement stems from tensions between the two stars. While that may be the reason, Keeler thinks that Pugh is trying to stay professional and keep her personal business out of the media and keep any disputes that she may have private.

Another main gossip factor in this film is the uneven payment, as Styles is making more than double Pugh. Junior Kennedie Tan is a fan of both Harry Styles and Florence Pugh; even though she loves both, she notes that she is on team Pugh.

“Olivia is not paying Florence as much as Harry, and apparently she doesn’t have that big of a part of the movie even though she’s one of the main characters,” said Tan.

The most recent occurrence happened at the Venice Film Festival, with someone who has managed to stay out of the drama until now, Chris Pine. At the festival, Styles allegedly spit on Pine. While some fans such as Keeler believe that a man like Styles would never do that, there are people like Tan who believe that, without a doubt, Styles spit on Pine.
Darling, we are worried to see how the future will unfold.

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About the Contributor
Josie Quirke, Lifestyles Digital Director
Josie Quirke is a junior and this is her third year on staff, Quirke is a member of the ACHS varsity dance team. When she is not at school, Quirke can be found listening to Taylor Swift, taking a power nap or hanging out with her three sisters.

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