Foods to Avoid When Training

Know what foods to avoid when training in order to be the best that you can be.

Emily Holmes

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Whenever one is trying to get in shape, they go on a specific diet with restrictions. The important thing to remember when hitting the gym and getting in shape is to have fun with your meals. Going on a diet can be boring with the same foods everyday, but it doesn’t have to be. There are certain foods that one should avoid of course, like fast food.

“Never eat fast food before a practice or a game,” senior Sean Bering said. “It sits in your stomach, and you can’t move as efficiently.”

Fast food franchises are all around Antioch, and it is easy to drive over to McDonald’s or Taco Bell before a game or practice. Instead of going and spending money on food, make an extra lunch or pack some snacks. Although this is time consuming, it can really help in the long run. This way, one will have extra food that will have more nutrients in order to maximize energy.

Eating light foods such as fruit, vegetables, yogurt or granola bars can help one stay fuller longer while also having the necessary energy for the day’s events as well. Junior Alexandria Knight tries to pack a variety of different fruits and other snacks for practices.

“I usually pack grapes and apples to bring with me,” Knight said. “They’re easy on my stomach.”

If there is no time to cut up fruit, buy pre-cut fruit and package it for the week so there is enough for everyday.

If fruit is not a fan favorite before a practice or game, granola bars are also a good choice. Junior Cira Palma eats granola and protein bars instead of fruits.

“I try and eat granola and protein bars before,” Palma said. “I have a box of Cliff Bars in my bag at all times.”

Make sure when buying bars to look at the nutrition facts on the back of each box and grab the one that fits best for what you are doing; some are high in protein while others are high in fiber.

With these tips, getting in shape is easier and more enjoyable.