Get to Know Daniel Mortensen

Commuting from Chicago every morning may sound unappealing to most, but for biology teacher Daniel Mortensen, the drive is worth the destination.


Antioch Community High School’s new biology teacher Daniel Mortensen is excited for what the new school year has to offer.

Daniel Mortesen is beginning his first year as a biology teacher at Antioch Community High School. Mortensen first obtained his Bachelor of Science degree at University of Illinois. He then worked as a paramedic and lab worker. He then went to Domican University to obtain his Master of Teaching degree. Mortensen has been teaching biology for ten years, previously teaching in Chicago. Throughout his years of teaching, Mortensen says his biggest struggle is time management. 

“You have a lot to do and you don’t have all that much time to do it in,” Mortensen said. “Planning stuff takes time. Even kids coming in for tutoring takes up time.”

Despite this struggle, there are many aspects of teaching that Mortensen enjoys. He encourages technology use as well as student collaboration in his classroom.