Hunting the Hawks

The red-hot Antioch Sequoits take on North Chicago during teacher appreciation night.


Grace Green

Senior Nathan Young shooting a free throw.

The Sequoits come into the North Chicago conference matchup on a five-game winning streak. Antioch recently cracked the top ten in the Lake County rankings and Junior Carter Webb won Northern Lake County Conference player of the week averaging 15 points over the last three games. 

The Warhawks came out firing in the first quarter, while the Sequoits were struggling to get to the basket and hit shots. After Antioch called a timeout, the boys regrouped themselves and remembered to follow the game plan. Senior Emmy Zamudio wanted the Sequoits to slow down the flow of the game and start taking control on the offensive end.

“We just needed to slow the game down because we were rushing ourselves into taking quick shots,” Zamudio said. “Because of the size difference, we needed to pound the inside of the paint.”

Once the boys picked up their rhythm, they would have the momentum for the rest of the half. The team went into the locker room winning 32-25. The energy carried into the third quarter as the Sequoits were sharing the ball well and started to take a commanding lead. At the end of the third quarter, the Sequoits were up by 21 points.

With the lead, the fourth quarter began without the starters, meaning the bench got to see time on the court. Senior Kyle Trampke enjoyed seeing the players he doesn’t see on a game-to-game basis.

“I know the students’ section was very excited because we were winning pretty handily,” Trampke said. “Everyone on the team was playing, so everyone that came out got to see their friends play in the game.” 

The contest wrapped up which capped another win for the red-hot Sequoits. Junior Ben Thomson and the team went into the locker room happy after beating the Warhawks.

“It was a great team win extending our win streak to six games, it was nice hearing the crowd cheering for us and getting loud,” Thomson said.

Antioch finished the game strong as the final score of the contest was 60-40. Tune in as the Sequoits take on the 21-3 Grayslake Central Rams on Jan. 31.